complex intricate graceful

abstract art

released as nonfungible Algorand ASAs

The Art

Like much of life, my art can be described by nonlinear time-dependent partial differential equations.


The Path

Rather than a "roadmap," please imagine meandering footpaths through a lovely public garden. With places to stop along the way to sit on a bench and study the clouds and a garden bed of glass flowers, or a nearby ocean filled with ceramic fish and metal squid. With massive kinematic sculptures to watch or ride with your friends. A place to experience 21st century art and science. Our long-term plan is to develop just such a public garden, in the real world. Our immediate goal is to create a VR version of this garden for all of us, wherever we are, to enjoy and guide. By year 2, the management of this virtual space will be turned over to a DAO.


The Funds

ALGO received by the project is used for purchasing NFTs from other algo artists, minting new NFTs that will be available on algo marketplaces, and saving money for the creation of the gardens.